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Welcome to our store
Hi! Welcome to our store! Thank you for your continuous support. I appreciate each and every one of you!

I'm a supermommy to 3 beautiful daughters and this dream of mine started when I had my first daughter. I resigned after giving birth to my second girl and decided to be a stay-at -home mom since then.

One day, I realized that my first daughter always wanted my handphone to fill in her time and I didn’t feel happy about that. Starting from there onwards, I searched around and bought BOOKS, FLASHCARDS and TOYS to spend more quality time with her and diverted her away from gadgets.

However, finding a place to find all educational toys, books and materials is not an easy task. So, a wonderful idea just popped in my head! I decided that I want to sell flashcards, books and educational toys in one place to ease other parents in providing their children with amazing learning and playing materials.

I believe that in empowering playing in a non-gadget environment, children will learn and develop at their best! Providing parents with the right materials have always been a dream comes true to me, until this very moment